Operation Excellence Center

Become a DATA driven Business

Linkers OEC enables data-driven decision making with IoT sensors using our sensor to cloud technology providing Real Time Trends and Analysis automating actions to improve operations.

from $79 monthly per location

IoT in a Box

Simple and easy IoT solution for your operation and quality control with a world of triggers and automation. Link your energy meter, temperature, humidity or any IoT sensor with our unique sensor to cloud technology to Linkers cloud in simple and easy steps. Grow as you go without the need to pay for a huge system.

Operation and Maintenance

With the advanced sensing techniques we connect your Assets to Linkers cloud easily. Customize your dashboards for better monitoring around the clock. Configure maintenance triggers and automate tickets issuing. Stay tuned and use more triggers to monitor instant incidents for unusual consumptions of different utilities (Energy, Water or Gas), or an unusual machine behavior.

Monitor and Analyze

Measure your energy consumption and efficiency for different machines. Get instant notifications in case of something went off your KPIs. Unlock Automation scenarios and get access to an easy management platform to monitor, analyze and automate actions.

Automate Collaboration

Set a schedule to send or extract reports as you may need. Notify and collaborate with your teams and decision makers to take necessary actions based on the reports and data they receive. Integrate other business functions with Linkers API or directly kick in a function with emails or SMS.

Get Detailed Reports

Schedule analytical reports about different parameters and machines performance. Compare different branches and time stamps for better exposure on different trends.



Real time sensor to cloud technology without the need for any infrastructure or special networks.


Configure your IoT environment as per your operational needs. Give access to different users and assign different functions.


Access Linkers Cloud Platform at from anywhere at anytime without the need for any special settings.


Expand your IoT environment as you grow without the need for any additional requirement or limitations.


End to end security architecture starting from the sensor data to Linkers IoT Node and to the cloud.


Integrate different business applications with a variety of options through API calls, email automation or SMS.

How it Works?