Customer Experience Center

Build a BRAND with Customer Experience

Understand your customers' trends and build a brand engagement plan for ultimate custoemr experience.

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Customers' Trend Analysis Made Easy!

Get real-time data about your customers count and analyse the data to unlock hidden trends and discover valuable insights.

Measure Key Metrics

Understand the effectiveness of your stores by knowing how many customers generated sales over time.

Plan a Better Marketing RoI

Measure the response of different marketing campaigns on your customers' trends and look deeper into the main elements in your marketing strategy that impacts your bottom line.

Plan your Shopfloor with Heatmaps

Get the big picture of your shop floor arrangement and look into essential hot zones for attraction.

Optimize Staff for Better Operations

Allocate staffs according to the peak hours of visitors in your stores and avoid any negative impact on sales. (or any lost sales opportunity)


Realtime Count

Get a live data feed about all the details the sensor provides.

Turn-in Rate

Measure how strategic your store location is in attracting visitors from outside traffic.

Visit Duration

Understand how much time customers spend in stores.

Outside Traffic

A powerful sensor measuring the traffic outside your store up to 100m distance.

Convergence Rate

Measure the convergence rate by connecting your POS and compare between stores in a single smart platform.

Peak Hours

Detect peak visiting hours and low traffic periods measured daily, weekly or monthly.

Visitors Count

Dual sensing technologies for counting people with high accuracy based on 3D imaging and WiFi sensing powered with AI.

Retention Rate

Have a deep insight about how frequently customers come to your stores over time.

Staff Optimization

Plan staffing according to traffic and boosting customers' satisfaction.

Get Detailed Reports

Schedule analytics reports about different parameters and stores performance. Compare different branches and time stamps for better exposure on different trends.

How it Works

Linkers uses modern sensors that detects visitors and provides in-depth details about customers experience, visitors analysis and store heatmaps in a unified cloud platform.


sensors can easily be installed in the store/showroom doors.


sensors will automatically detect smartphones signals within range and transmit it to the cloud


data will be process, analyse and outpost several metrics.


information will be reported in a smart dashboard that can be customized as desired.