The Impact of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is becoming the key driver to compete effectively & together, AI and the IoT are having a bigger-than-expected impact. AIoT not only moves computing power closer to the data source (IoT sensors), but adds the intelligence required to improve reliability, efficiency and productivity. When we combine AI & IoT, we can see a greater value of data generated by IoT devices where AI adds the autonomous decision making delivering value on the fly. We have seen companies that are using AI and IoT together are more competitive and faster in delivering customer value.

“In an IoT environment, AI closes the loop”

- Chetan Gadgi

You cannot use IoT strategy alone, you’ll have to make use of AI as well. A study was conducted by IDC and sponsored by SAS gathered findings from across the globe. 450 business leaders were asked about the impact of artificial intelligence combined with the Internet of Things and found clear evidence of momentum behind this emerging combination of technologies – the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT). According to the study respondents summarised that, AIoT capabilities are already generating results.

“At that point you have the data, and you have AI capabilities learning from that data, and ultimately automating important choices and actions."

- Director of IoT at Intel

AI opens the door to more sophisticated and rapid decision making that affects results in a more expansive way. While there are many goals for IoT initiatives, Increased revenue is the top goal for IoT efforts. Other sought-after benefits include ranging from decreased operating costs to an improved ability to innovate and offer new digital services to customers.

At Linkers we follow these efforts with combining AI capabilities to our IoT edge devices, allowing customers to harness AI capabilities and automate decision making based on IoT sensors real-time data. We are excited to push the limits of AIoT to deliver proactive value for customers.