The Future of Restaurants is with the IoT

Like many other bricks-and-mortar destinations facing online competition, restaurants are under mounting pressure to deliver much more than just a nice meal. IoT technology will hold the future of restaurants, how do we know that? We don’t, restaurants owners’ do! As 32% of restaurateurs admit that they are behind on the industry technology. 

Today’s diner expectations are higher, customers expect a more convenient, engaging and seamless experience than ever before, and hospitality vendors are turning to the emerging IoT technology to meet this demand.

A Connected Restaurant Experience 

Numerous devices and sensors can all be connected by the Internet of Things, enabling restaurants the opportunity to maximize their profits. Using IoT, restaurants are developing their own apps to ensure customers stay engaged with their brand through their smartphones. From free Wi-Fi access to push notifications, vendors can gather valuable customer data, which can be analyzed to deliver increasingly personalized levels of service.

IoT technology is helping restaurant vendors meet and exceed their customer demand. While the influence of online processes and competition is undeniably an influence, restaurants are finding their own ways to innovate, drawing upon the digital world to serve up a unique and satisfying experience, from menu selection to settling the bill.

How IoT can Reduce Cost?

The problem with time-based maintenance is that for years, manufacturers have been practicing a time-based approach to equipment maintenance. The primary factor in planning any maintenance routine was simply the age of the machinery. The older the equipment, the more frequent the maintenance procedures would be.

To avoid ineffective maintenance routines and the high costs that accompany them, manufacturers can use Industrial IoT and data science to their advantage. Simple and easy triggers automation can be set for operation and quality control teams using Linker Operations Excellence IoT Solution, enabling a world of triggers and automation scenarios. Triggers can be set for different assets depending on various environmental factors such as: temperature, humidity, and other operational factors. 

Analyze Operational devices

Companies get previously unavailable control over their resources and valuable insights to make data-driven business decisions. With the IoT cloud platform, keep a closer eye on all-important KPIs, detect changes in behavior, and better run operations and maintenance.

Analyze and look back at operational historical trends of different machines, and get detailed insights on how machines behave in different periods of time and during different seasons and look back at the trends of different sensors’ measures such as energy consumption, temperature, and humidity levels inside restaurants. 

It is clear that to succeed, restaurants are in demand to leverage all the latest technologies in Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence such as Linkers IoT Technology. Today’s era is about getting everything connected, to get the most out of it. 

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