How Emerging Technologies Empowers F&B Industry






Analytics PlatformFood and beverage is a big and growing industry facing high competition and huge global changes in addition to the consumers' rising taste standards. These are only a few causes of the increase in operating costs which is the biggest challenge. However, With the modern technology revolution, many companies started to provide different services to help the F&B sector to face these challenges. Starting from, monitoring customers' activities, equipment, time per order, optimizing manpower, spaces and more... Linkers is one of the leading high tech companies, providing an amazing analytics platform using IoT sensors to collect data from the shopfloor helping Restaurants and Retail to have a better picture of their ongoing operation. Enabling them to be data-driven companies driving growth and innovation to the industry. 

Emerging TechnologiesIn 2019, 95% of restaurant owners in the US observed an increase in their business efficiency by embedding technology in their process. And 80% of the restaurants are utilizing various types of technologies to help in running their business more efficiently. Examples of such include tools for online reservations, ordering, inventory, and analytics. In the area of restaurant data analysis, one of Linkers' analytic of things services is StoreLink enabling data-driven businesses with a special sensor to cloud technology providing Realtime Trends and Business Analysis to improve sales and save cost. This information includes customers activities, assets monitoring, and store consumption. 

Operation52% of restaurateurs owners point to the high costs of operation and food waste as their top challenges. This is an entire sector pain point that Linkers provide a comprehensive report about giving you more insights about your branches' assets utilization, and how manpower follows your operation manual helping you plan and take decisions effectively based on facts improving return on sqm and return on investment.

POS In the field of tracking customers' activities and manpower monitoring, 76% of restaurant owners are looking for labor-management features in a restaurant POS. For that Linkers AI capabilities provide a smart detection on customers' footprint, convergence rate, and retention. It also can detect employees' attendance and interaction with clients. To maximize the benefits Linkers Cloud, a new feature has been added to trigger low traffic activating Happy Hour campaigns or in case of peak hours to suggest calling for additional resources from the nearest branch. All of the above is reported for all branches giving better exposure in a simple dashboard and report automation.

Customer ExperienceAt last, an interesting statistic shows 52% of the consumers prefer to spend their money on an experience, such as fine restaurant moments. Hence, they’d rather go out and eat than ordering online. The customer experience is a vital element and could be unpleasant in many scenarios such as when the dining area is too hot or very cold or experiencing cooking smells. IN many cases when the dish is not, as usual, because of an ingredient wasn't stored properly. Linkers helps to improve the user experience by notifying the branch manager about any unusual behavior of equipment, positive or negative area pressure, Hood and Fresh-air flow impacting the restaurant ambiance to take action immediately.


And as Peter Drucker says,

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it".

Now with Linker's, you can!

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