COVID-19, A reason behind the digital transformation of your organization

70% of the organizations already had some sort of Digital Initiatives in place before this global pandemic. However, COVID-19 has been a major driving force to push organizations towards Digitization. The most prominent areas arising out of this are telecommuting, on-demand food and services, virtual events, and the cloud.

Telecommuting: Almost everyone is working from home now. Even in Industries where it was prohibited before. And not just for work, We are telecommuting to keep in touch with friends and family to practice social distancing and digitally connectedness.


On-Demand food and servicesOn-Demand food and services: Grocery delivery is the new norm. Organizations have to adapt to deliver products and services.




Virtual Events

Virtual Events: With travel bans and gatherings prohibited, Companies are moving to Digital events and meetings. We can't say whether this will be a popular trend over in-person events, We are seeing people enjoying online meetings with their co-workers and everyday social media is full of these posts.


Cloud: Without the cloud, Companies would struggle a lot, and co-operation between each other will be a big challenge. Especially in such times where real-time collaboration is very important.



Digital Transformation is a buzzword now and COVID-19 is accelerating the pace of Digital Transformation. Companies have started to realize the importance of Digital Transformation. The goal is to solve the traditional problems and bring technology in each area of business and give value to the customers previously not known.

Digital transformation is a never-ending process. Once you start, You have to keep on adding new digital solutions both internally and externally. If you work well internally, Your external customer experience also improves to a great degree. The great digital transformation is always customer-focused.

Digital Transformation doesn't have to be complicated. It's a mindset which becomes important in an organization's culture and experience. When organizations make Digitization as a continuously evolving process, The benefits are everlasting.