3 Signs Your Restaurant Needs Automation

Introducing automation and new technologies to your restaurant’s processes is like fitting a turbo into your car, it will get you fast and ahead of the other cars and the competition! In business, it’s not that different, companies are always seeking emerging technologies to get that boost. The internet of things technology provides solutions in the form of services that maximize the business potential with data. 

Solving business problems with IoT technology can optimize the operations and sales conversion workflow while curing the pain points of the process, Linkers IoT gives businesses a competitive advantage, here are 3 signs that your restaurant needs automation:

Challenge in Decision Making

Having data-driven decisions is always a good idea, the job of making business decisions can be a long and tortuous process. This is where gathering all the offline data comes in, and pays off, the IoT technologies such as Linkers gathers, stores, and converts rough data into digestible visuals to rely on when making business decisions. Many companies have their data broken up across the company that gathering the information for it to be meaningful is not enough and therefore it becomes inaccurate and cannot be relied on in decision making.

Long Waiting Line 

Customers are very demanding on good and efficient customer service. Identifying different ways to optimize the restaurant’s operation can be based on the local customers needs. IoT smart wi-fi counting technology can detect long waiting lines and how long customers have been waiting and notify the manager to increase man power to match the demand of the customers and increase customer service satisfaction. 

Difficult to Maintain Operations

With multiple operations and operational assets, previous operations would need regular check ups and maintained on a scheduled basis throughout the year. With the advancement of IoT technology, now a single plug and play device can detect abnormalities and malfunctions in the device, connecting with an assigned third party to maintain the device when needed to avoid the previous high cost of scheduled maintenance. Linkers Ox offers a similar service where it maintains and monitors operations around the clock, monitoring energy and electricity consumption levels during day and night, and reducing monthly costs.

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